Monday, June 22, 2009

Review on Millenium Hotel Buffalo trip!

If you look back on one of my first blog posts I wrote about how my hubby and I were going to Buffalo for a 2-night trip after getting an amazing online deal for $110/night (US) and it included $100 voucher for each night we spent there to use between check-in time and check-out time in their restaurant, bar, or room service.


The room was more than sufficient. I assumed that since we were paying so little, they would put us in some corner crappy room. We did not have a room with a patio looking over the pool or anything, but it did look over Macy's. I was not complaining. We had a king sized bed, and it was well decorated. On the back of our door, it said the standard rate for our room was $499/night (CRAZY!).

The food was phenominal and really well priced. The most expensive thing you could order was $24 and it was for lobster stuffed chicken, but you could easily get a large meal for around $9. We were able to eat VERY well for our stay there and came just under our $200 of food spending (which also included drinks!). My hubby really enjoyed the well-priced room service (which was actually CHEAPER than ordering in the restaurant!) and he ordered milk & cookies to the room, as well as hot fudge sundaes which he loved.

The voucher did NOT include tips, no surprise there! The way it worked was you charge all of your meals to your room, and it's automatically paid for (as long as you stay within your budget).

I so highly recommend this if you are looking for a great place to go for a couple of nights, it was great!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Make your own magnet board!

I had been on the hunt for a while for a great message board/magnet board to put on the side of my kitchen cabinet above my phone (the ideal place for a message!) but I couldn't find anything with the proper dimensions. I ended up finding an easy make-your-own solution online and tested it out for myself! It turned out great, and it cost me a couple of bucks to make (although I did have to put some money into it to get some supplies that I was out of!).

Here's the instructions on how I did it!
You'll need:
-Cookie sheet (I bought mine from Dollarama)
-2 pieces of scrapbook paper (best to go with a pattern and a stripe)
-spray adhesive glue (will cost about $6-7 for a LARGE can that will last you forever)
-Ribbon (that matches your paper)
-Glue dots or double sided tape (commonly used for scrapbooking)
-Magnets, buy them or make your own with craft magnets from the Dollarama and some jewels (like you see in mine)
-Embellishments if you want (little letters like "NOTES" or scrapbook flowers would work nicely) you will need a glue gun to attach them to the edge of the cookie sheet

-Drill two holes in the top of your cookie sheet to pull the ribbon through and tie into a bow for hanging
-Cut the two pieces of paper to fit 1/2 and 1/2 of the cookie sheet (make sure to round out the edges for the inside of the cookie sheet)
-Spray the backs of the paper (make sure you have something underneath it so the spray doesn't go everywhere...I just did mine in the garage!)
-Adhere your papers to the cookie sheet
-Cut ribbon to size and cover your seam in the paper and use glue dots or adhesive tape to attach it
-Add any embellishments that you choose!

VOILA you are done!


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