Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another great website!!

Found this website today called ... I really loved their ideas, both easy and frugal and I love the solutions they came up with :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

More frugal home decor!

Just this past weekend, I picked up the final piece to my re-decorating of my ensuite bath. I picked up the IKEA artwork for just $4 at a garage sale, and bought the 2 IKEA shelves for $1 from a friend of mine who was planning to sell them in a garage sale. All the accessories were already ours, or gifted to us.

*frugal tip: if you are planning a beach themed bathroom, wait until the end of summer season (like NOW!) and pick up beachy accessories. The picture frame was from last year's PC collection and I bought it for only $1.44!*

The grassy stuff you can actually buy at Dollarama (and it goes a long way with a beach theme, really ties things together and uses up dead space!). The shells were my own mixed with store bought ones (you can also find them at Dollarama).


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