Sunday, December 6, 2009

Frugal Christmas Wrap

So...being frugal is one thing, but at Christmas last year, my frugalness came off cheap. I was using Christmas wrap that was inexpensive and when I showed up at my parents house to put the presents under the tree, I was mortified! The presents were all torn at the corners and looked ridiculous next to my Mom's perfect wrapping and my best friend Danielle's wrapping which is always done with the BEST wrapping paper and done up to a T!

So this year, I wanted to do something different. I decided to go to IKEA and get their inexpensive PLAIN Kotte brown wrapping paper and decorate it (it also comes in RED if you aren't a fan of the au natural look). The wrapping paper was $1.49 and gave me almost 9yrds, it is also really thick and I just loved how it gave me the crisp edges I desired! This was also a great way to get my kids involved in the gift GIVING process and not just the getting (oh, how I loathe the "gimme gimmes" this time of year).
Here's what I needed to decorate:
-Ikea Kotte paper in brown $1.49 (also available in RED)
-2 bottles of acrylic paint (one red, one green) from Dollarama
-ribbon (I bought mine from Ikea as well, in black for $1.99)
-Decorate-your-own wood ornaments from Dollarama (set of 10) * the kids coloured them, and we addressed them TO:_____ and FROM:______*

TOTAL COST (to wrap ALL my gifts) $6.50 plus tax
So I took the potato and cut it in half, then cut away potato chunks to make two designs into it using a pearing knife. One half a star, one a cross. My eldest daughter Papaya then dipped and stamped her little heart out. We did it in sections of whatever would fit across the kitchen table, then let it dry and roll out a new section. It took us two sittings.

I really loved how they turned out and how personalized they look. My kids being involved has really gotten them pumped up to GIVE the gifts (not just receive).

I did also wrap a few in just plain wrap with ribbon. Still looks so amazing and natural...I really have fallen in love with the look of them!


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