Monday, June 14, 2010

Dollarama Lovin'

A month or so back, I posted a bunch about some of my Dollarama finds, so today I had some great luck and decided to post my finds and how I used them in my home!

#1: Miniature Faux Pears

I JUST saw these at the Zone downtown and they were priced at $11/pkg. So yes, I was quite excited to pick up these packs of 6 for $1ea. Filled them into a preowned vase and added some twigs I had...and voila! centrepiece.

#2: Stone Bird

I had actually fallen in love with this blog's idea to use drab dollar store items and turn it into something pretty enough to put out in your home. Today I one-upped it when I came across this stone bird (as is!) for $2. It's pretty big (larger than my hand in size) and there were different varieties too like a turtle, a snail, and a very cute armadillo that I almost got...but didn't want to overdo a good thing!


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