Friday, August 13, 2010

Homemade Swaddle Blankets

With having 2 girls and now having a baby boy I was forced to break out of the pink-zone and start restocking my "must haves" for caring for a wee one.
One of those on the list being blankets.

When I had my girls, I had a fantastic pinkalicious assortment of receiving/swaddle blankets that I loved.
I wasn't having much luck finding ones I liked this time around. 
Remember, I did his nursery in very punchy colours themed around my fantastic twice-loved crib set originally from Pottery Barn.

Here's a reminder of what it looks like:

Anyways, my Mom was so kind to pop down to the fabric store and find some flannelette in exactly MY colours. 
I will post about them soon (sorry, my camera is DEAD of batteries and I don't have any pics. I'm not trying to purposely be a tease!)

Long story short, I love them. My mom ordered a yard and sewed the edges so they are larger than the average receiving blanket. I loved them so much, I went back to find some more to make a double layer one (using 2 yards of fabric).
Cool weather is faaast approaching folks!

When I went to the store, I was hoping to get some luck and find some shark or lobster/crab flannelette.
So onto "just-any-fabric-I-think-is-adorable".

I found this:

Yes, it's dinosaurs. Far from my "theme". But I LOOOVE it.
It's so busy and cool and the colours are perfect for fall weather.

The fabric was also on sale for $4/yard. woooo!
I folded it in half, wrong sides together, and sewed 3 of the 4 edges. Then I turned it inside out so the right sides were facing outwards and flipped the raw edges of the fabric inward about 1/2" on the un-sewed 4th edge and sewed it all shut.

I'm NOT a sewer.
I'm LEARNING and this was super easy.

Don't have kids? think about making blankets for your friends when they have babies. They have so many uses, because of their size (car blanket, stroller blanket, swaddling) and there's nothing like a little personal touch in making a hand-made blanket!

Here's some more pics!

Showing the size comparison to a regular receiving blanket:

Incase you are worried about it being "too big" for your diaper bag. Think again. Folds up quite small. Here it is in comparison to the receiving blanket folded:
(why hello there Mr.Isaiah the cat)

{hmm...somebody needs to VACUUM before shamelessly taking pictures and posting them on her blog.}


Melissa said...

Those are the best receiving blankets. My Mom always makes a bunch of them as baby gifts and they are perfect for swaddling...nothing swaddles as well as these. My girls loved swaddling and both were past the age of one before they would give it up = weird.

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