Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Soft toy sacks for little toys!

Sewing. Something I haven't done size Grade 11 fashion class. But recently I was inspired by my neighbour's idea to make a sack for her son to put all his dinosaurs in so that he could carry something up and down the stairs without it being a tub or a container that would be hard on little arms and legs.
My girls have play food that they LOVE and I planned to use my new sack for, and wanted to find something themed the same. So off to fabricland I went for some inspiration but alas, there was no luck in food themed fabric. But I found some seriously beautiful fabrics, all for about $7-$9 regular price for a metre. One meter makes 2 sacks!
I don't own a sewing machine, so at my mom's I had her help me set up and off to sewing I went.

Here's what I used:
-1/2 metre of flannelette (the kind of fabric you often see on pj's!)
-1 metre of cording (or ribbon)
-Pull clips for the drawstring (I have no idea what they are called!)

The sewing part is pretty self explanatory I think. It was all straight lines, sewed to maked a sac, then a fold on top with a small opening on one side to thread through the cording. I threaded the cording by putting a safety pin at the end of it and slowly threading it through.

My girls love that they can now dump all the play food out and easily put it back away. And I love that they aren't always trying to TOSS the food into a bin that just bounces them back out again!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sexiest Man Alive

This is for my husband, who is not a natural romantic...but he makes me feel loved, so I'm celebrating him today. In the last little while he has done the following:

-Took our 3 year old daughter out for a movie 'date' including the $6 small popcorn and 6 highpitched chipmunks...sacrifice! (note: this left me time to colour my hair while Birdie napped)
-Used his christmas money for an IKEA purchase. This is the man who when I once suggested painting our white walls said "they have paint on them!"
-Used the 2nd half of his christmas money to buy storage bins. Go figure I'd marry a man who loves organization. I was raised by two really organized people, a trait lost in my genetic makeup. I heart junk drawers.
-Spent an entire day with the kids, no questions asked as to where I was or what I was doing...even if it was merely 'hiding out' and facebooking. Dinner and dishes were also done. He ended the day saying "I think I could have 4 kids" (how come when I do this, my ending thought is "I'm SO done having babies!")
-Sundaes...any day of the week. Heartburn is my nemesis right now. Every night, my husband asks, can I get you any ice cream? (forget about the fact he's getting burgers while he's at it!). Tonight is DQ 2-for-1 blizzard date night (yes, I'm still the queen of coupons!). I'm in love.

Maybe it's Valentines looming, but I'm very much in love with my man, and the way he is sexy & romantic to ME! Doesn't require big expensive dates, flowers or chocolate... (not that there's ANYTHING wrong with those things!)


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