Friday, March 19, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes


Here's the breakout on what I did:

Prepare one box of white cake mix
and divide into 6 bowls.

Food colouring as follows
(layers from the bottom, up!)

PURPLE: 9 red and 6 blue drops
BLUE: 12 drops
GREEN: 12 drops
YELLOW: 12 drops
ORANGE: 12 yellow and 4 red drops
RED: 18 drops

Line 12-16 muffin pan wells with your baking cups (my batch only yielded 12 cupcakes).
Then begin even distributing the batter, colour by colour, starting with purple.
Make sure you spread out each layer with the back of a spoon to cover the colour below it before starting the next.

Top with homemade or canned icing and a chocolate coin (if you so choose!) and
eat them up!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dollarama finds!

I find Dollarama sometimes exciting, and sometimes depressing (especially with all those new $1.25-$2 stickers on the items!). The store is overwhelming to say the least, and with kids in tow spotting out every Dora & Disney item around, it can be tough. But when you DO find something, can be exciting. But it's like finding needles in haystacks. So I've decided to post my finds with each trip since Dollarama is a chain, most stores carry the same items. So if you're into what I found...go find it at yours!!

First off is this funky serving tray. They had tons of different styles, mostly spring/summer in print, but this one was multi-seasonal and caught my eye. Plus, how many times do you bring a tray to an event filled with cupcakes or cookies and just pray that it finds it's way back to you? at least this way, you won't be crying over your $1.25
Second is this sandwich cutter. They come in Dinos and Hearts, we chose the Dinos. Super cute, super practical, and as soon as we brought it home, my girls were SO excited about using it that they ate tons plain bread in the dino shapes just for fun! It was $1.

Third is this Elmo sippy cup. First off, normally I would NOT buy something like this at the dollar store. Not really trusting the product lines with everything. But this item is an obvious overstock from somewhere, because the exact ones retail at my grocery store for about $3, I know because I own a pink Zoe one! They were $1.25.

Fourth is temporary tattoos! My oldest is really into these right now...and it came with a slew of them on there, after I cut up the sheet into individual tattoos, it'll serve quite the reward when needed! $1

Fifth is Nexcare "My friends Tigger and Pooh" Tattoo bandaids. These retail at the stores for around $3.50. They are the BEST bandaids out there that I've found for kids. They wear through anything! They are also clearly an overstock or discontinued type item. Major steal here at $1.50!

Those those are my highlights for today...I hope to continue posting my retail successes at $2 and under!


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