Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The love/hate battle of the nursing bra...won!

So I'm back, 3rd baby born and healthy...and I just had to blog about my newest love...a nursing bra!
So we all know that I've been through 2 rounds before of babies and nursing. I have had good and bad experiences with nursing bras. Back with my first daughter, my mom found these bras called Yes! Maternity Bras (shipped in from BC). They were uber comfortable and I really loved them. BIG DOWNFALL: because of their thin material, you could see my nursing pads underneath, something I gradually just had to live with.

My other nursing bra that I owned was a underwire one (a failed attempt at trying to wear a "normal" looking bra). But underwire and nursing didn't bode well at bedtime, and it sat funny and never really looked right.

So the hunt continued. I refused to be disappointed! Eventually I came across a bra made by La Leche League International (they are like the gurus of breastfeeding, so they must know what they're doing right?). The bra I found was actually a PADDED underwire-FREE bra! seriously, I didn't know these could exist. Even better, the price: sells them from $27 US (so close to the same in CAN$) and the shipping was free. Ebay also had some for similar pricing.
It's been 2 1/2 weeks of actually using the bra, and I have to say, I loooove it. It really holds its shape well, and feels and looks like an underwire bra without the restrictions at bedtime. It also has a great underlayer that is perfect for a bit of extra privacy, as it covers the top section of your boob, when the top layer is unclipped down!
Gotta say, so relieved to have found a great bra for under $30 and it be a fabulous nursing bra too! I may even use bra this beyond my nursing days...


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