Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snack Bag Giveaway WINNER!

I'm so happy to announce the winner of the 100 Followers Giveaway,
sponsored by Baby Blossom Designs!

The winner gets one custom made snack bag from any of the fabrics available on
Baby Blossom Designs Facebook Page!

Here are the ones I purchased myself...and we're now using DAILY in my daughter's lunch bag for school:

Have I mentioned how much I loooove them?

So....RANDOM.ORG we go...


Your sister Mags who said...

"Follow follow follow. Like like like." may be wondering...
As if she won my first giveaway!!
I guess it pays off to do complete all the ways to enter.
I'm so excited but a little weirded out because now it looks like I'm running a complete SCAM!!!
Here's the proof.
There was 19 comments
(1 invalid one, so it was skipped over)
so entering in generated THIS:

...and Mags had the 15th comment. Congrats!!

Thank you to all who entered! This was fun :)
and a big thank-you to Andrea @ Baby Blossom Designs.

Mags-I will be contacting you to let you know the contact information to order your custom snack bag!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

DIY Topiary

This project has been one on my to-do list for a while now after seeing TONS of inspiration all over the place.

I'm not sure why I sat with the supplies for about a month before making it, because it took me about 1/2hr and was soooo easy!!

Best part was done in time for the fall decor to come out of storage.
Since I broke the glass hurricane lamp that was supposed to be the centerpiece on my hallway table, this was a great fill-in!
(I also cut myself, but I'll try and keep the drama to a minimum)

Here's the supplies I used for the topiary:
-Styrofoam ball (Dollar store) $1
-Pot (already had one)
-Hot Glue Gun & Glue
-Stick (a straight one) or dowel
-Foam Brick

The process was simple.
Cut a foam brick to fit into your pot.
Cover foam in moss
Glue moss onto your foam ball.
Stick moss ball into stick, and stick into foam in pot.

Here's some pics!

and here's a close up of the mini pumpkins I found at the dollar store (a whole bag for $1)

The tablescape:

Also from the dollar store was this mini wreath I put around the glass bowl

And since today is the first day of Autumn, I can officially say...

if you haven't done so yet, enter the 100 followers giveaway HERE!
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Updated front porch!

Being "frugal" is all about thinking ahead.
Like SEASONS ahead.

I live this by often buying my kids clothes when they go on clearance at the end of a season and buying for the next year.

Same goes for this little project.
Outdoor cushions!
Why you ask? Because the fabric stores put the indoor/outdoor fabric on clearance!!
I'm talking $3 down from $24. Yep. It's fantastic.

When we got married, we were gifted a nice little bistro set. It's worked perfectly for us since we like to sit outside on the porch and let the kids play on the driveway almost daily.
Recently the chairs have begun to fall apart. They still work, just not as appealing. The weaved plastic was breaking and it was annoying me.
Then my awesome neighbour was de-cluttering and asked if we wanted some of these chair cushions! Of course I said yes...and decided to recover them.

Here's how it went down:

My fabric:
It's all blues and greys and off white. Love it.
It cost me a whopping $3.50 for enough to cover 2 cushions
and maybe do a little pillow

Here's the cushion from my neighbour (bless her heart)
I simply traced it on the back of the fabric, cut it out about 1" from my traced lines, and sewed together 3 sides, then flipped it back and put the cushion inside and sewed up the back and added the tie-strings.

Here's the finished product.
Note the paw. Isaiah the cat is up to something.

Isaiah! NO! This is not for you!!

What a PRESUMPTIOUS little cat he is...

After Isaiah had his fun and we broke the news to him that this was NOT a new cat bed...outside it went :)

Really happy with how this turned out.

Wanna make one?
Go to your local Dollar store.
Chances are they have cushions you can recover too!! or buy some foam and cut it out in your chair cushion shape.
Then get some indoor/outdoor fabric.
My "clearance" fabric was at Fabricland.
Be prepared to dig.

Also, here's some cute Dollar store porch updates as well...fall ready :)
Would you believe I got this little plant holder guy and his wife (not shown) at the same bridal shower I got the bistro set?
I guess they did well, because we still love them 6 years later.

$1 sprigs with gourds and pumpkins, OH MY!

Look at little Gourdo...
(okay, don't sister and I have a massive affection for gourds and their 'cuteness'...her husband actually brought her home a bag one time for a gift!)

Used a little moss to cover up the flower arrangement sponge they were stuck into!

AND...Just got back from the Dollarstore with more fall fun! Will show you soooon!!

You could win one of these sandwich/snack bags from Baby Blossom Designs
 (but custom to whatever fabric you choose!)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

100 Followers Giveaway from Baby Blossoms Designs!!

Well, we've made it.


To commemorate...


Andrea at Baby Blossom Designs is going to give one of YOU your very own custom sandwich/snack bag, like this one below
(that belongs to me!)

I recently purchased 3 snack bags from Baby Blossom Designs, and I was impressed with several things:

-Her sewing is fantastic
-She did my custom order QUICKLY!
-Her prices are soooo low!!
-So many great fabrics to choose from (see for yourself HERE)
-Fast & Cheap shipping!
-No-velcro, her snack/sandwich bags are done with a fold-over top. Easy for kids, and no velcro to de-fluff or de-crumb!!
-PUL fabric used inside to keep it waterproof for foods like grapes, and the laminate does not touch the food so no BPA worries ;)
-Machine washable!!

Here's more pics of my custom order:
OH gosh, if my sister sees these owls...she's going to DIE! She loooves owls.

Seriously...GUSH with me over these

Plus, you simply cannot beat their $2.50 price tag!!
Click HERE to see more on them onto the FINE PRINT!!

How to enter!!
an entry is made for EACH comment you make.
Please make sure if your email address is not visible on your profile, you leave your email address so I can contact you if you've won.

Become a FOLLOWER of The Bird's Papaya - leave a comment
(if you already are, leave me a comment telling me so)

Check out Baby Blossom Designs website and come back and leave a separate comment telling me your favorite item! - leave a comment

"Like" Baby Blossom Designs on Facebook! - leave a comment

SO there you go! Three ways to get commenting!!

Winner will be announced next wednesday Sept 29, 2010!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tutorial Combo! Jute Twine Vase & Fabric Flowers

I just merged two fantastic projects into one.

Project #1: Jute Twine Vase made from a wine bottle. See HERE for tutorial!
Project #2: Fabric Flowers. See HERE for tutorial on these beauties!

The steps were simple, after making two fabric flowers using different materials that I had scraps of, I pushed a twig/stick into the flower's bottom and placed them in the vase.

Then I had some dry sprigs from a boquet recently given to me, and had them join the flowers (because everything is better in THREES when it comes to home decor!!)

So happy with how it turned out.

Forgive me while I gush and take different angled shots to give FULL effect!!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Painted Cookies

This is an "oldie but a goodie" from my childhood...

Painted cookies!

They are so simple and fun.
BONUS for all you Mama's  & caregivers out there...double up as a craft! A craft you get to eat. Awesome.

The prep is simple, make sugar cookie dough.
(don't have your own recipe? resort to google! I had to this time because I was out of butter and needed to find a margerine friendly recipe!).

Roll out your dough & cut it out using cookie cutters, then transferring the shapes onto your parchment paper lined baking sheets.

Make your "paint". Using egg YOLK & food colouring.
You can easily break up one yolk amongst 3-4 colours...I had so much leftover paint!

Paint your cookies! This is where your little 3-feet-tall helpers come in (if you want!).

Bake them according to your recipe!!

Here's our "paint":

This is my 2-year old painting hers!

Ahh, the quiet concentration...

Oh, gosh! this is getting messy...
but ART is ART!

Here they are all baked and ready to be enjoyed.
Can you spot the one I painted? ha!!

When I was young, we used to also punch holes in the dough shapes at the top, paint, bake & then hang as decorations on the christmas tree! (just don't let your kids EAT the decorations once they've been up a while and with a nice coat of dust....bleh)

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bring on the tears & drama!


I'm going to be completely ridiculous right now and bring you throughout the years with me to just assist you in understanding my excitement and heartbreak...

Here's me...pregnant with my FIRST baby, my baby girl.
Yes, my stomach was shaped weird for this one.
I don't know why.
Here she is, my little 9lb wonder!
4-mos old.
1 year old
21 mos old (just a couple weeks before her sister came along)
2 years old
2 1/2years old
3 years old
4 years old...oh's coming...

Thank you for bearing with me in my over-dramatic gushing of my baby being in school.

Also, I'm only 25. How do I have a school aged child? AHHH!
oh right...I got married at 19. That might be why.
Feeling old...


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