Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A little porch pillow.

I know with craft blogs you're supposed to come up with these over-the-top amazing ideas. 
Well, this isn't one.

Last week I got some great Amy Butler fat quarters and decided to make a pillow for my porch. Amy's designs are so great this year and I was excited to have them displayed my front porch on my new adirondack chair (aka: muskoka chair).

Isn't she purdy?

But this ain't no ordinary pillow..
oh no it ain't...
it's reversible!

I know, I'm really trying to talk up this pillow right now...I'm aware I'm not winning any awards for this genius concoction. haha

I love how this side matched my Hello sign

The kids had to try it all out.
Really, they just wanted to scam in on Mama's photo session with her new pillow.
You know, the pillow that's ALL THE RAGE around here.

So yes,
I made a pillow.
It's reversible.
I love it.
End of love story.
I promise.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Vintage Lucy's GIVEAWAY!

I absolutely ADORE the shop that's doing a giveaway for us today!

Today you have the opportunity to enter to win a Printed Tee from 

This shop caught my eye with this:

VINTAGE LUCYS Diet coke queen boutique tshirt - size 3 mos up to womens xxl - tank top short or long sleeves available

and this flour sack towel...
TOTALLY ADDICTED- Flour sack kitchen towel - Dont be fooled by COPIES check my sold section
I wonder why?

Okay, but this shop is so hilarious and fantastic & CUTE! so cute. 
I love all the vintage images on t-shirts, totes, flour sack towels and SO much more. 
You could get lost in that shop!

Here's some more items that stood out to me while browsing:

Vintage childrens Personalized  tshirt lemonade stand - Size nb up to womens xxl -Dont be FOOLED by COPIES check my sold section
ORIGINAL VINTAGELUCYS Spring queen dress - Size 3 mos up to 12 youth -tank or tshirt yoiu choose

VINTAGE LUCYS cotton canvas tote bag DURABLE Audrey
BOUTIQUE BABY RUFFLED ONESIE - Size nb up to 24 mos - THE RETRO MERMAID check our sold section we are the original vintage lucys
GIRLS RETRO POLKADOT SKIRT - Size 3 mos up to 12 youth - SODA POP DOTS

A lot of the items are available from size infant to xxl, which is so cool!

Here's how YOU can enter to win a printed tee of your choice:

Visit Vintage Lucy's and come back and name your fave item - one entry

"Heart" Vintage Lucy's Etsy Shop - one entry
"Like" Vintage Lucy's on Facebook - one entry
"Follow" Vintage Lucy's on Twitter - one entry

Follow The Birds Papaya on Facebook or Twitter - one entry each 

Purchase something from Vintage Lucy's SHOP - 3 extra entries!

Have fun entering!! 
Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry :)
I will draw a winner next Monday night (June 6th)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Editing Photos for your Blog or Shop (without a pro camera or PhotoShop)

My blogging has come a long way since the early days where all my writing was in a boring font, and to the left, and with pictures all a fuzz and misplaced. 

I've learned SO much and a lot has come from other blogs and their input! 
So today I thought I'd share with you how I get my photos "blog/shop ready". 

First off, I don't own a DSLR
I own a Fujifilm S1500 that I got through Amazon 
(but can also be found at Walmart). 
It also comes in S1600, 1700 and now 1800...without too much difference between them (some with more megapixels or zoom).
It's great, and has a long strap so you can buy one of those schmancy strap covers. 
(Or get lucky like me and win one from Eclectic Whatnot)

Oh my gosh...excuse those nails...can't edit out everything!! hahaha

I love this camera, especially that it was under $200 and takes amazing photos. 

My #1 favorite thing about it, is that it can take pictures up to 2mm away from an object. This is FANTASTIC for my shop because I sell jewelry and items  that need 

LITTLE PEANUT NECKLACE - Mom/Maternity/Pregnancy/Baby Shower gift- Pick your flower color

With my last point and shoot, my photos came out like this:

When I upgraded to the new camera, they turned out like this:

Much improved!

So yes, a good working camera is a great thing to have. 

Next up, there's photo editing

This can make or break your picture. 

Typically, I shoot only in natural light
They just always come out better. 
So head to a window or outside (preferably on a cloudy/overcast day) and go to town on snapping photos. If that means dragging a piece of newly painted furniture out to the lawn to snap a photo, DO IT! You'll be thankful later you did. Nothing beats natural light.

I edit my photos in Picasa (a free downloadable photo editing tool found HERE).

Typically with Picasa, hitting the "I'm feeling lucky" button fixes everything. 
Sometimes not, and you have to do it manually by tuning it up to your liking.

Here's what a photo I took yesterday of my mantle looked like right out of the camera:

After Picasa editing:

So what did I do?

Clicked "I'm feeling lucky"

Retouched the photo to remove the hooks that hold banners occasionally 
(not perfectly edited out, but well enough)

That's IT!

Another example of an edit, by just changing the "fill light"...



Another thing Picasa is great for is Collages.

Here's some I've done recently:

Lastly, putting your name of your blog or shop on a photo is a great idea! 
Picasa makes that easy with their 'add text' button and a slider that makes it as bold or transparent as you'd like.

I don't do this often with my blog, but I certainly do with my shop!

THE WRISTLET - Pink Hot Blossom & Turquoise Ruffle

What's the biggest photo tips you've learned?
I'd be happy to hear more!!
Always room to improve :)

Hope this served as a bit of help to you guys!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Sky & Green Grass Mantle

Yes, I post about my mantle often.
It's something easily changed up with the moods & seasons.

This time I decided to keep it's base "art" (fabric stretched over a canvas) and added in a color I have NEVER brought into my living room...GREEN!

and I love it.

The split peas as a vase filler really pulled it together for me. 

When I took a step back, I realized why it all was working so well for me 

(in my taste & opinion, haha)
...because the colors were that of a summer sky, and the green grass.

and silver...I have no connection to anything summer for that one...uhhh...hang on...silver lining on the clouds? sure. we'll go with that.

That's all for now friends!!

The Lettered Cottage

Monday, May 23, 2011

A little cottage sun will do you good

This weekend we took two days out of "life" and went to visit the cottage.

The cottage is a cabin on the lake that Jordan's grandfather built when he was 18. It's old, it's small (for a large family) but you cannot beat the outdoors!! The kids love it and it's a fun place to get away that's fairly close to home for us.

Here's some snippets of our weekend...

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)


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