Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catalina Mist, I heart you.

I'm always so frustrated when I see blogs with all these beautiful spray paint colors. I always chalk it up to it being only in American stores, but I found some here.

See, Krylon is sold at Walmart for $5, but when you go to Michael's, it's $10. So I always walk past cursing their high prices. But then it went on sale for $6.99 (getting closer! or just use a 40% off coupon) and I noticed that WOAH! they have WAAAAY more colors.

Like WAAAAY more.

Like Catalina Mist...

I decided to try it out on the kid's muskoka chair...


note: these pictures were taken in early spring, so forgive the DEAD lawn. It's luscious and green now. 
I promise you.

Do you have a favorite spray paint color that you swear by?

Because I think this might be mine. It's awesome!

Monday, June 20, 2011


SO excited about this giveaway (as I am all giveaways)
Sweet Marilyn from beiFIORI is giving away a $25 gift certificate 
to her ah-mazing shop!

You may have heard of beiFIORI as she's been talked about a bit lately in blogland, but it's all well deserved. She has gorgeous items.

Let these pictures speak for themselves of her talent...

18x18 Osnaburg Pillow Cover with Bird Cage

16x16 White Scroll Print Pillow Cover With Ruffle

16x16 Burlap Pillow Cover with French Wheat Ad

Set of Six White Cotton Dinner Napkins with Eiffel Tower

Set of Three French Inspired Mini Pillows

16x16 Floral Pillow Cover

Here's where you are going to GASP and go running to her shop.

EVERY ITEM I JUST SHOWED YOU...is only $12 each!!
I'm not kidding.

So, a $25 gift certificate can go a good long way!

Here's how YOU can enter to win:

Go visit beiFIORI's SHOP and come back telling me your favorite item - one entry

Be a follower/subscriber of The Birds Papaya - one entry

"Like" beiFIORI on Facebook - one entry
"Like" The Birds Papaya on Facebook - one entry
"Follow" The Birds Papaya on Twitter - one entry

Purchase something from beiFIORI - 3 extra entries (leave one comment for each)

That's lots of ways to enter. 

I will be drawing a winner the first week of July for this one :)

Catie's Garden WINNER!

First off, a BIG thank you to Catie for this giveaway. 
For a 13 year old girl (or a girl of any age for that matter) she has mad talent, and I think we'll be hearing her name and more of her shop in the years to come. 

I'm all about supporting handmade, and this shop is full of some beautiful handmade items!

Before we draw a winner, let me remind you of some beautiful things you can find in Catie's SHOP:

Fiesta Fabulous Organza Flower on a Clip
SPRINGTIME BLUES- bow on an elastic headband
MAGIC- big ruffle flower on a headband
Lime Green & Orange Tye Dye Flower
MAGIC- big ruffle flower on a headband

I really encourage to you go check her shop out!

Onto the winner of the giveaway for an organza flower of the winner's choice is (according to random.org)...

Danielle McAleer said...

I'm all over the birds papaya on facebook...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Father's Day craft!

This weekend we had our friends visit us here and when the boys went out golfing, us Moms took the opportunity to put together a Father's Day craft that the kids could participate in.

We started off with plain 8x10 canvas and then taped off a 4x6 section in the middle. The kids painted their hands with acrylic paint and "stamped" around the border. Then we modpodged the 4x6 printable that I found HERE
(you can also find it on my Pinterest board)

 They turned out so well, and Jordan actually turned to me and said 
"this is really nice...a keeper!" 

And a special shout out to my Dad...
I love you, and you've always been so loving & supportive of your loud chatty daughter. 
Your fathering was always funny. Sometimes it meant me having to write out pros & cons of piercings in an essay before getting my nose pierced (as rebellious as it got for a 15 year old Christian girl), for letting me bring home injured animals, borrow 1MR FUN (the van) and taking me on school ski trips (even if you pushed me down the hill when I got scared to do it), and convincing me that roller coasters are cool. They are. You were right.

So many great fun memories with you, that now my kids get to have with you as their Papa.
Thank you <3 

and because it's the funniest family photo ever:

(that's me in the light pink)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


For a while I'd been wanting a vinyl "Welcome" on my front door.

I looked for a while for the best deal I could find.
I finally found the best one in style & price at Giggly Gumdrops.

Here's the BEFORE:
and the AFTER:

I love vinyl, because it's permanent as long as you want it to be, and when you're over it, it peels off.
I also love 3M strips for the same reason!

APPLYING (soooo easy!)


Love it!!
and I pulled some strings for you guys (or wrote a quick note to the shop owner...) and got you guys a 15% off coupon code to her shop (or email her with the same code for requested orders).
The coupon code is:


I also got this super super adorable {soap} label for my oil & vinegar dish soap dispenser for a whopping 75 cents.
SOAP - Vinyl only

So cute right?
So take this opportunity and get some for yourself!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Catie's Garden GIVEAWAY!

Okay...SO excited for this giveaway! two reasons why it's awesome: you get to win something, and the shop owner is kinda amazing.

This is Catie:

She's 13. 
Yah, I know...13!! 

Here's a blurb from Catie herself:

I love sharing what I love with others.
I love making new designs and color combinations because its so fun to see 
how they turn out. Making flowers allow me to express myself, it helps me relax and I love to do it.

Now onto her shop items:
Fiesta Fabulous Organza Flower on a Clip
Lime Green & Orange Tye Dye Flower
SPRINGTIME BLUES- large ruffle flower on headband
MAGIC- big ruffle flower on a headband
MAGIC- large bow on an elastic headband

Today she's giving away your choice of an organza flower!

Here's how YOU can enter to win it!

Go to Catie's Garden SHOP and come back and tell me your fave item - one entry

-"Heart" Catie's Garden SHOP on Etsy - one entry
-Follow/Subscribe to The Birds Papaya - one entry
-Like/Follow The Birds Papaya on Twitter/Facebook - one entry for each
-Purchase something from Catie's Garden SHOP - 5 extra entries

Be sure to leave a comment for EACH entry, and an email address if you're profile doesn't have it listed!

Winner will be drawn next Monday, June 20th at 7pm

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maya's 5! and the village that raised her...

I cannot even begin to fathom that I've been a PARENT for 5 years.
but enough about me...

onto the girl of the day,
Miss Maya herself!

You know the saying 
"it takes a village to raise a child"
Sometimes I feel like we actually have a village.

Maya was the "first".
first baby for US
first baby in the family
first baby among friends
first niece/nephew
first great-grandbaby
first great-great-grandbaby

To say she is loved is an understatement.

You have no idea how amazing it feels to see her grow and love in the relationships she has made since she's been with us.

We've moved away from our "home" (5 hours away) which makes it hard with kids who forget almost instantly who people are. Not Maya. She may get a little fuzzy when it comes to who people are, but it only takes a moment. 

Maya is great. She really is. 
I know she's my kid, but really...she's exceptional.

She will often bring me a Diet Coke and say 
"I'll just leave this here beside you incase you're thirsty" 
"Mom, can I help you with anything today?"
"Mom, you're the best Mom in the whole world, because you make me lunches & always take such good care of me"
"Mom, I love you so much, that it makes tears come into my eyes"

I'm not even kidding.
She's THAT sweet.

This next bit I wanted to showcase some photos of those who have been the
"village" in raising Maya.
Nana - they are kindred spirits and peas in a pod! It's always hard for them to say goodbye, but Nana always has a plan for "next time" with fun day trips & activities.

Papa - Her go to guy for fun when we're home (often in the form of a Wii game). Maya can be like a shadow to him when we're visiting.

Opa - Who she will ask to go fishing the second she sees him. He taught her, and she fishes well! She also loves his boat :)

Oma - Maya loves to paint & do lacing with Oma, and go for walks to the beach at the Cottage and go berry picking!

Auntie Mags - Maya is always anxious to tell her a new story. They also share a love for Disney Princesses. Maya was spoiled rotten by Auntie Mags when she was a baby!

Uncle Lance - A kid himself, he loves on Maya constantly. Even with just welcoming a new baby girl, he makes sure this girl gets lots of attention and love! 

Auntie Lor (Aka. Auntie Lor with the Chocolate)- Auntie Lor is so amazing with Maya. She comes to so many parties & events for her along with Uncle Pete and is always giving her treats from her Chocolate Shop! 

Auntie Deedee - My best friend. Maya at a young age started calling her "DeeDee" and it stuck (her real name is Danielle). Deedee is known for sending awesome mail packages on special occasions, and driving up for impromptu visits!

Uncle Thomas (aka Tontas) - The guy we usually have to warn "careful, she might puke". He looooves to rile Maya up...and she looooves the attention!

And my #1 partner in raising this little girl:
Her Daddy - The guy who teaches her to ride her bike, skate, takes her out on "dates" and he encourages her daily, as she does him. They dance, they play, they laugh. 

Then there's those who I couldn't find photos of with Maya but are definitely big role-players here!
We love you all!
Gigi and Gipa
ALL the Tuesday Night Girls
Auntie Kate (who Maya thinks just may be a princess bc she saw her in a wedding gown)
The Lloyds (our pretty-much-family, who coined the nickname "Miss Maya")
The Huggins
The Cuz's

I told ya, it's a VILLAGE!

Thanks to those of the Village, recognized or not. You all have played a huge role in her life, and she's literally surrounded by fabulous people.

Off we go to celebrate a little more :)


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