Sunday, July 31, 2011

What to do when you take a wreath out of your neighbors trash

So, yes...I have taken things from my neighbors garbage. 
(Example here)

I've had some good luck "dumpster diving", and what's wrong with one persons trash being another person's treasure?
I'm not sure...but I still have a little shame about it.
This was clear to me when I took a wreath from my next door neighbors garbage. 
I could NOT put it on my front door. 

The shock! The horror! The awkwardness.
Would we ever speak with our neighbor again?
My 10pm sneak outs to the garbage would be revealed and I can feel the judgement now.

So I worked it indoors.

 (still working through some accessories here...toilet tanks need to be pretty too)

I love the look of a LARGE front door wreath in our bathroom.

So I added a couple new items to finish up the look in this room:

A step stool found at the Hobby Lobby for $9.99

A new "Sand Dollar" Scentsy plug-in warmer
I love that the holes of light are just like the shape of sand dollar markings!
You can find these HERE

Again, sorry for the lack of posts during the summer. This summer has been so full of fun, friends & family and I'm really enjoying my time with it all.

Wanted to share some pics of this weekend!

Tubing with my bestie D:

Falling in the lake:

The girls & Dad on the tube (they're getting braver!):

Jemma chills out in the hammock:

Bo, serious in Dad's hat:

Maya enjoys a moment of reading:

Days end, sun kissed & sore:

I'd have more pictures if I didn't forget my camera everywhere I went in the last 2 1/2 weeks! brutal!!

Hope you're all enjoying the 3 F's too (fun, family & friends!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer fun, thrifting & a Ruffles 'n Such WINNER!

Hey friends! hope you're all enjoying the summer sunshine! I'm currently at my parents house for a visit & staycation (I say staycation, because we're here, chilling out, visiting with friends & family...and I have all this extra help with kids & meals..."staycation")

Since I FORGOT my camera at home (*cough* sorry for my lack of posts *cough*)
Here's a couple blackberry pics!

First off, my two youngest, Jem & Bo hanging out in the kiddie pool...ahhh...summer fun. Thankfully the huge heat wave has passed.

I did a little thrifting at my fave thrift store Bibles for Missions. I'll show you some of my "keeper" finds in a post in the future, but for's one of the HILARIOUS things I came across (and regretted buying when my Mom came up with the funny idea to use it as a circulating potato dish for potlucks). I went back, it was gone. *insert sad face*

Well, that's about all I can post about that's going on with us with the lack of photos!

I don't even know how I call myself a blogger.
for shame.

Onto the winner of the giveaway!

True Random Number Generator  71
#71 is...natashagoesI'm passing along your email address to Jill (Ruffles 'n Such shop owner) now.
If you didn't win, don't be can still go and SHOP around at Ruffles 'n Suchand maybe get this $8 beauty:Purple Rosette Trio HeadbandHope you're all enjoying the sun.Forgive my lack of...well...POSTS...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Gift Ideas

I thought about writing a neat post featuring some items from some of The Bird's Papaya's awesome sponsors...and I wanted to do it all about wedding gifts
Then I realized we're kinda in the THICK of wedding season, but who cares? 
Weddings happen all year round, and it's sometimes hard to find gifts for those tricky-to-buy-for couples or ones that are unique!

So I'm going to show you some items I love from sponsor's shops that would make any bride/groom/wedding party happy!

Lets start off with a product that I have MAD love for (and own 2 of myself!).
Silly Mama Quilts and her beautiful table runners. They would be such a cool gift to give along with place settings, or any kind of dining gift.
Wild Thymes too tablerunner - FREE SHIPPING
You can see this table runner HERE

Have something smaller to wrap that you want to have some gorgeous WOW factor, along with practical use for the bride & groom? How about these stunning gift bags by
 bei FIORI(she also has an amazing clearance sale on tons of her pillow!)
Gift Bags
You can see these gift bags HERE.

Hand painted signs are something a couple would never forget. They're timeless, beautiful and you almost can't go wrong. Sisters of the Wild West have perfected the craft. I adore this sign for a guest room in a couple's new home:
Pottery Barn KnockOff Handpainted Sign
You can find this Guest Cottage sign HERE.

What do you get for the couple who has a new home? How about a design inspiration board custom made to their likes & dislikes from Incircle Interiors? You could also go with a Color Consultation for their home, OR Space Planning.
(sample of a Design Board made for a client of theirs) 
Go HERE for more info!

Onto an item that I personally can't wait to give to a wedding couple in the future. As a HUGE Scentsy fan, and with tons of friends & family who share that same love, I don't think you can go wrong with one of these beauties, like this one below!
(paired with my favorite scent, Sugar Cookie, to go with it):
Check these out HERE 
(note it's in Canadian pricing, contact Meghann for how to order from the US and US pricing)

Maybe YOU are the bride, and you're looking for some accessories to wear on your wedding day, or to gift to your bridesmaids. May I recommend Ruffles 'n Such? I love this headband, but she has necklaces, earrings, clutches & more!
Yellow Flower Headband
See this headband HERE.

What was your most memorable wedding gift that you still cherish today?

If you're interested in hearing more about becoming a sponsor of The Bird's Papaya, email me at thebirdspapaya(at)gmail(dot)com 
for rates, availability & how to earn free ad space.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kindle Cover & more announcements

Recently, my friend Jen asked me if I could make her a Kindle Cover. I'm not one to say no to trying something new...and thankfully, with only a couple FAILS (that made great sunglasses cases) I had my winner. It was the best of the bunch anyways.

Proof that sewing can be like a math equation sometimes...

Thanks Jen, for trusting the safety of your kindle to my sewing skills :)

Also, NEW in the shop...

You can see them HERE

Sorry I haven't been posted as often as usual.
Couple reasons:
-I'm in need of some creative inspiration.
-we've been doing a lot of this:

Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY for a necklace & earrings from Ruffles 'n Such!
Coastal Blue Petite Rosette Earrings

annnnndd...(phew this is getting a little long winded)
I'm giving away 2 items from my shop over at See Kate Sew
photo from See Kate Sew's review of my SEWER necklace

Hope you're all enjoying your summer!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ruffles 'n Such GIVEAWAY!

Meet Jill.

Coastal Blue Petite Rosette Earrings

Recognize that face? you may.
That's the Jill from Made It On Monday!
SUPER great blog that I follow (and have for a while). She has some killer tutorials, like this one for a Maxi Dress that can be made for $14! genius.
2011-07-05 028

Jill also has a BEAUTIFUL Etsy shop, Ruffles 'n Such, with some of the prettiest of pretties! and Jill (the sweet girl that she is) is giving away one of her 
Rosette Trio Necklaces:
Rosette Trio in Your Choice of Color
In any choice of color:
Rosette Trio in Your Choice of Color
a matching pair of earrings:
Coastal Blue Petite Rosette Earrings

That's just, well...perfect accessorizing.

Here's some other items from Ruffles 'n Such that are my personal faves!
Sweet Trio Headband in Pink, Yellow and Gray
Ruffle Zipper Pouch in Turquoise and Red
Black Sequin Elastic Headband with Flower Clip
Olive Mist Green Ruffle Scarf

Oh, the PRETTY!

So, are you ready to win a Rosette Trio Headband WITH matching Earrings
Yep? thought so. Here we go!

Go and visit Ruffles 'n Such and come back and tell me your fave item - one entry

"Like" the Ruffles 'n Such Facebook Page - one entry
"Follow" Jill's blog Made It On Monday (you'll love it!) - one entry
"Heart" Ruffles 'n Such on Etsy- one entry
Purchase something from Ruffles 'n Such - 3 extra entries
Follow or Subscribe to this here blog, The Birds Papaya - one entry
"Like" The Birds Papaya on Facebook - one entry
"Follow" me/moi/I on Twitter - one entry

that's 10 ways to enter!

Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry!
Giveaway ends July 25th!
**open to residents of US & Canada**

Good luck friends!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Just quick, wanted to share some new additions to the SHOP!

Hurry and go scoop some up for yourself...they could be gone tomorrow.
or they'll all still be there, which would be super depresso! ;)

Browse away and tell me what you think, or what you'd love to see more of!

A peek at what's in store:
Rose Earrings - a flatter style that are matte, but still pack a punch of color & fun! 
$4 each

Rosette Earrings - I love these ones on my girls. So adorable! $3 each

Chrysanthemum Earrings - wildly popular...and why wouldn't they be when they're this cute? $4 each

These are completely new for me, RINGS! and I only have TWO in the shop right now, but more are on the way! Currently available in Teal & Black. These beauties are a steal at $6 each.

Here's the link again:

Thanks loyal friendsies & readers for helping my little shop grow grow grow.

As always, the more you buy, the more you save.
Buy 4 or more items and save a whopping 25% off your entire order with the coupon code:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fabric Coasters Tutorial

Let me just start off with mentioning, I'm no PRO sewer.
 Still very much a beginner. 
Reading a pattern is like reading road maps. I'm all over the place.

In an effort to share a simple sewing project and offer some helpful images to others, here's my tutorial for Fabric Coasters!

1- Find two coordinating pieces of scrap fabric (I say scrap because you won't need much)

2- Cut 4 pieces of each fabric into 5" squares (you'll have 8 squares total)

3- Cut 4 pieces of iron-on batting into 4.5" squares, and iron onto the backs of 4 squares of your fabric

4- Pile up your fabrics "wrong" sides faces each other

5- Sew along the edges, leaving a gap

6- This should be the gap you are left with after sewing the edges

7- Cut the corners off (this helps when you turn it inside out to make sharper corners)

8- Turn inside out (see...there's a reason for that gap you left!)

9- Push corners out with a pointed object

10- Sew around the edges to close the gap

11- Sew a design of your choice all over the coaster (see samples below of ones I did)

12- Tie up with a bow, and give as a gift...or keep it!

    Here's samples of designs I tried out. My favorite was the leaf design!

    Perfect for a hostess gift.

    Prep time: about 10 mins
    Sewing Time: about 15-20 mins
    Skill Level: Beginner

    I hope you give this a try! 
    I loved doing it, and it's a great way to use up scrap fabric :)


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