Monday, October 31, 2011

Silly Mama Quilts {GIVEAWAY + PROMO}

If you've been following The Bird's Papaya for a while, you would know how much I love the shop Silly Mama Quilts, especially her beautiful table runners 
(which I now own 3 of!)

Well, today Brooke of Silly Mama Quilts is giving away a 
$20 gift certificate 
to her shop. 
Since her prices are amazing, this will get you a few things, or discounts of a bigger item!

You can find (in her shop)...

(my personal fave, and they are reversible!)

Brown is Bold and Beautiful tablerunner - FREE SHIPPING
Brown is Bold Tablerunner found HERE

Moroccan Mirage on the table - FREE SHIPPING
Moroccan Mirage Tablerunner found HERE

Simply Home tablerunner - FREE SHIPPING
Simply Home Tablerunner found HERE

Retro Christmas on the table - FREE SHIPPING
Retro Christmas Tablerunner found HERE


Birds of a Feather Too Mug Rug - FREE SHIPPING
Birds of a Feather Mug Rug found HERE

It's a Wrap found HERE

Canvas Star Pocket III - FREE SHIPPING
Canvas Star Pocket found HERE

Labeled Photo Album - FREE SHIPPING
Labeled Photo Album found HERE

Hoo's in the Forest 16 x 16 Pillow Cover - FREE SHIPPING
Hoo's in the Forest 16x16 Pillow Cover found HERE

oh, and by the way...
(happy dance!)

I felt like clicking "add to cart" the entire time I was making this post! 

So not only is Brooke giving away $20 to her shop, she has a COUPON code "thebirdspapaya" 
for 10% off until Nov 7th when a winner is drawn.
PLUS, anyone who USES the coupon code will be put in a draw to win 
25% off their next purchase! 

Here's how you can enter to win the $20 gift certificate:

Visit Silly Mama Quilts and come back telling me your favorite item - one entry
Follow/Subscribe The Bird's Papaya - one entry

Follow Silly Mama Quilts on Facebook - one entry
"Heart" Silly Mama Quilts on Etsy - one entry

Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry

Winner will be drawn with on Monday, November 7th!

Good luck!
and take advantage of that coupon code and get some Christmas shopping done!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making Logos/Buttons with Picnik (plus, VOTE for the best!)

Recently my sister got a new amazing DSLR camera. You remember me sharing the incredible (and hilarious) photos she did for us here right? 

Well, soon she will be moving to a new town and hopefully doing some side business in photography. 

It's hard though, starting something new. 
You need a name, a look, and lots of other things.

So knowing how much a "completed look" really motivates ME 
(or at least it has with my blog & etsy shop) 
I wanted to encourage my sister by giving her a bit of vision towards doing Photography as a business, not just a hobby.

Meghann is struggling with a TITLE.

Here are the THREE she is leaning towards.

(for the initials of the members of her little fam)
(tell me if you get the joke here...some didn't)

So using, I created these three logos.

Picnik is SO easy to use. This was all done in the basic FREE TO USE package, nothing premium. 

All I did was upload a photo (any photo really) and cover it in a big white rectangle (found in "stickers") and continued to add text and "stickers" to create a logo.

If you need a specific size (lets say to make a 125 x 125 button), simply open PAINT on your computer and there should be a white nothing box. 
Drag the corners to resize. 
When you're doing so, note the bottom right corner has two numbers. 
These are your pixel sizes. Drag until it's the correct size. 
Then save. Open in Picnik and edit it up!
                                                                                    see it? right there ^      .
it says  124x125, That's the pixel sizes!

So lets bring this to a VOTE!! 

Which NAME do you like best?

Which DESIGN do you like best?

Comment below, PLEASE!
love to hear from you :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

For the love of BOXWOOD!

Latest obsession, 

 It's been around forever and it's showing no signs of going anywhere
so it's the perfect thing to be into.

I've struck gold twice now. 
This past week when I found these mini faux boxwood wreaths at Dollarama, and in the ball form a few months back (also Dollarama $2 a piece).

This is the mini boxwood wreaths, paired with a candle stick (also from Dollarama)
So that's $3 right there. WIN!

Love the life that a bit of green gives the space.

Here's how I've used the boxwood balls paired with a galvanized vase.
Both from the dollar store, for a $3 total.

Here's some great BOXWOOD inspiration...

Pinned Image
Boxwood Hurricane

Pinned Image
Boxwood Monogrammed Wreath

Preserved Boxwood Kissing Ball
Boxwood Kissing Ball

Lit Boxwood Garland

Pinned Image
Boxwood Cake Stand

Decorating Tips with Clarendon Lane

*sigh* I just love it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

All I Want For Christmas (my wish list from sponsor shops)

I absolutely adore, without a shadow of a doubt, each and every 
sponsor shop on my sidebar. 
For many, I'm a customer of theirs and have experienced their products first hand. 
I check out their shops often and lately, a "wish list" has been 
popping up in my head for Christmas. 
So today I'm sharing with you a Christmas Wish List from TBP's sponsors!

Babushka Headband - Brown Pink & Yellow Bohemian Babooshka - LAST ONE
Babushka headband from Specifically Random
hello housewife's delight! what a way to look great, when you're roots have grown out, or you're busy cleaning your abode :)

Lenox or Groovy Black Plug in Warmers, Candy Shoppe (clearance warmer), 
or Merry Berry from Scentsy Independant Consultant, Meghann 
(my sistah!)
Would love the plug ins for my kitchen.
The Holiday ones I love because you can leave them out after Christmas :)

Custom Map Keychain from Crafty Addictions
What a great way to remember a favorite city/vacation/home

Wire Heart Necklace, single pearl on thin chain, love, sweet, simple
Wire Heart Necklace from Lunch Hour Crafts
Adorable! All proceeds from this shop go to help a Refugee Women's Shelter!

HANDPAINTED WOOD SIGN (Vinyl, Decal, Sign, Wood, Painted, Quote, Applique, Adhesive, Sign, Custom, Transfer, Vinylvineyard, Vinyl vineyard)
Handpainted Wood Sign by Vinyl Vineyard
Need I say more? This was MADE for my house.

Rosette Pendant Necklace- Choose Your Color
Rosette Pendant Necklace (choose your color) by Along For The Ride
Y'all know I'm a sucker for turquoise & rosettes right? well, I am.

I Love You to the Moon and Back Wooden Primitive Sign
I would love to hang this above the kid's bedroom doors (as they are side by side). So sweet, and true to heart. Plus, $14? not bad! 

We scream for Ice cream utility bag
I love the shape of this pouch. Would be great in the bottom of the stroller for those odds & ends we may need along our journeys.

Enjoy the journey... vinyl lettering... Buy 2 get 1 FREE.
Enjoy The Journey by JK Vinyl Designs
Remember there's a 10% off coupon code to JK Vinyl use: "thebirdspapaya" 
PLUS, there's a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE promo on right now! So great!

Brown is Bold and Beautiful tablerunner - FREE SHIPPING
This shop's quilted products are SO gorgeous. This runner is so amazing and I could put it a million places in my home for sure! (FREE SHIPPING in this shop!)

What's top of your wishlist this year? anything handmade!? 

I'd love to hear from you some of your favorite handmade shops so I can go check  them out!
(even if it's your own!)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas Shopping at the Shop

So...if you WERE to do any Christmas shopping at The Bird's Papaya on Etsy....
your gift will come looking like this:

Super cute right?

All you need to do is tell me it's Christmas gift in the "messages to seller" section during checkout and I'll make sure it's done! (also specify if the items are for more than one person so you get enough boxes!)

Shopping for a birthday? I can make that happen for you too :)


I got these cute guys in the shop this week!
Black, Ivory & Aqua sold in 1 day (that was pretty cool!) 
but the cutie Navy Blue is left HERE.

I'm also happy to say...
So pumped that they are being well received!!

Until next time friends :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Glowing Rapunzel Hair

Lets face it.
This is the year of Rapunzel. 

I think this year for Hallowe'en, every other little girl and her dog wants to be her. 
We're BIG Rapunzel fans (See HERE) so it was no surprise when 
Maya wanted to be Rapunzel for Hallowe'en.

First big search was for a costume
We found some in the toddler sizes, and in size 6+ (which Maya needs) the costumes were $50-65. My resourceful Mom found a solution by buying a costume pajama dress (yes pajamas!) for $25. Scroll down and you'll see why this worked out PERFECTLY 
(oh, and thanks Mom!).

Wigs were another issue. First off, they have been sold out in many stores and online. Then there's the $20 price tag. Call us crazy, we just aren't willing to put that much into a Hallowe'en costume. 

Maya has long hair as it is (she refuses to cut it due to Rapunzel's influence), so I went to the local dollar store and found those fake hair clips similar to this one:


 and ripped it off the clip, and added it to Maya's ponytail.

Now to make it glow.

Enter glowstick necklace!

After making the ponytail, I pushed the glow stick up the ponytailers and then ribbon wrapped her hair to secure it all.

How fun is that?!
Maya was pretty excited...with glowing hair...who wouldn't be?!


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