Friday, March 23, 2012

The Basement Bar

My parents are the ultimate DIYers. 
I grew up around my Mom concocting home decor ideas and my Dad making/painting/installing them.

I've always admired their gusto when it comes to their home,
and by "gusto" I mean they come up with an idea and it's usually begun within days.

My Mom did home daycare for 27 years and their entire basement was dedicated to it. 
Now with that part of her life winding down, they decided to create a basement bar.

It's pretty much the ultimate Man Cave where women can still hang out.
and kids too.

They spent so much time scouring finding second hand stuff after scoring the actual bar for a mere $200.

All in all, the whole room came together for about $1000 (or less)
Only new thing was the paint, paneling and the bar stool.

Since they don't have a blog and I do, I took pictures so I could share it with you guys.
Now here's where I have to apologize.
The photos aren't the greatest.
It was a BASEMENT with about 10% natural light.
I did my best ;)

What did it look like before?
Here's a picture my Dad took with his blackberry as the work started.
and one of my hilarious nephew hanging out in the (old) playroom

quite the drastic change!

Seriously, SUCH a great space.
We've already had one party in it and I'm excited for many many more!


Courtenay@Creek Line House said...

Love it! We (obviously) don't have anything like that. We pretty much have a basement with dirt floors and 5 foot ceilings, but we've had lots of great family parties at Christmas in basements just like this! I'm glad you guys have this to enjoy!

Scott Corney said...

Thanks for this blog Sarah (daughter), this project truly was fun to work on & something Mom (Kimi) and I enjoyed participating together on. We made some great Kijiji finds that kept the costs at a fractiion of what they would have been & enjoyed some great road trips picking things up. So now the bones of the project are all there & we continue along colleccting and assessorizing as we discover new great finds. You'll have to provide updates to this post again once more has been accomplished

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