Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Reading

So, recently I discovered my love for reading.

Once I realized it, it's consumed every moment of my "down" time. 
I don't watch tv (except for a few indulgences) and some nights I'm up until 3am to finish a page turner. 
I've read about 30 books in the span of a few months.
I'm not even kidding.

A few friends have been asking me for my book recommendations for summer reading
so I figured I'd share with you ALL! 
Good books are hard to come by!

I'm not going to include synopsis' for each book, but I will link to GoodReads for each one so you can check them and the reviews out! 

Flat-Out Love
Seriously cute and funny, shocking and romantic. LOVED IT!
It's really a refreshing story and I promise you, you will not find anything else like it!

Reason to Breathe (The Breathing Series, #1) Barely Breathing (The Breathing Series, #2)
This "Reason to Breathe" series isn't quite finished yet, as there's a 3rd book in the works, but it's worth reading these two any way! They're sad, dramatic, intense and lovely.

The Opportunist
Okay, once you read this you are going to want to reach through the screen and slap me in the face for it. I know. I've read it. BUT, it's amazing. It sticks with you and even 5 books later, this one still lingers in my mind. That's what good books do.
Also, there's a sequel in the works. So just sit back and enjoy this crazy ride of a book!

Slammed Point of Retreat
These poetry infused books are emotional, shocking and romantic. Loved them, and stayed up LATE finishing them!

If I Stay (If I Stay, #1) Where She Went (If I Stay, #2)
My only rule with these books is that you MUST buy them together. The first one ends on a big ol' cliffhanger, so just get both so you don't need an unnecessary panic attack.

Obviously, I've read a ton more, but I'd REALLY love some new books to add to my "to be read" so hit me up with suggestions!! 
Hopefully I haven't already read them!


Janet said...

I tapped back into my reading side this year, and when I got a kindle as a birthday gift in June, I've been reading NON STOP! It's funny, reading totally went on the backburner when I had kids! I wonder why...

Anyway, I would suggest "The Hunger Games"! I didn't want to get sucked into it, but I decided to read the first book and loved it so much, I read the second and third within days of finishing the first! I love how there's no profanity or weird stuff going on.

Stephanie Mosselman said...

HOLY MOLEY Sarah! You little reader. Thanks for the tips - I will check these out.

Amy said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I agree with Janet... I would get sucked into the Hunger Games as well. I finished all 3 in a few days!
I would also recommend ROOM. It is chilling and thought provoking and I stayed up all night to get to a part where I felt like I could sleep knowing that things would be alright.
Sarah's Key is also amazing.
Happy reading!

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