Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home Tour - Living Room Sitting Area

It's official! 
my first "home" post since our move. 

We've been here for a month now and lately my indecisiveness has turned, well...decisive
As in, I've stopped asking everyone who comes in my house 
"what do you think I should do with this space on my wall?"

I found most challenging between houses was having things work in one home in one space, and not working in the new space
Not that it's a bad thing, just causes me to pause and rethink where things will go. 
So yes, a lot of what I'm showing you, you will remember from our last home 
(not that I expect you to think that I went out and bought entirely new furnishings, although that'd certainly be nice).

I've been working in concentrated areas
This way I feel satisfied and can move onto the next. 
I'm not sure this has been overly healthy as I tend to obsess and stand for a good 15 mins a day staring at a wall...but hey, I like the end results so far.

Today I'm sharing with you the 2nd half of our living room which I've deemed the sitting area, because I don't know what else to call it. 
It's not the "sofa zone" of the room (that half isn't completed, to my liking).

This isn't a "brag blog" so hopefully doing a "home tour" in a doesn't come off that way! 

My biggest challenge was actually what to do with a 
TV bench when the TV no longer sat on it 
(it sits above the fireplace now as you can see below)

I was happy when it hit me to put a magazine rack there because it can be seasonal and still appealing to the eye without making it too much of a focal point.
(does that mean our TV is the focal point? who am I kidding? it totally is)

The tall vase of sticks isn't actually just decorational (<-- spell check says this isn't a word?) it's hiding the cable cords
Tricky, I know.
I'm hoping to lighten the sticks up and spray paint them a grey or white, or maybe a mix of colors.

The curtains came with the house, still seeking out the perfect set of curtains that are budget friendly to work the space. 
Suggestions appreciated!

So that's all for today. Hopefully this is me getting the ball rolling and I can start sharing more and more of our space that we are making into a home :)


Krystal said...

Very pretty!!! :)

Courtenay@Creek Line House said...

I like the magazine rack! It seems like it would be weird, but then it totally works. I also really like how you can make pink work in your living room and it seems totally normal and appropriate. You're fancy!

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

Very pretty!!! I love what you did with the tv console now that it's not needed for the tv- great idea! It's so fun figuring out how to use things in a new house!

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