Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets

I'm so thankful to finally be in a home where I enjoy my kitchen cabinets. 
They're white, and for me that's just perfect. 
BUT, for years in our past two houses (and as I've talked about before) I was dying to have a new look than the outdated oak that we had. 

Here's our kitchen now: 
(this is actually a photo from the listing when we bought our house, I'm working on a home tour post about our kitchen and how we've made it to be "us", which is with some roosters and aqua...strange combo, I know).

The amazing thing is there are so many options now!
You can completely re-do your entire kitchen, you can "reface" them (where you keep your existing cabinets and change out the doors) and there is painting.

Today I thought since I'm all about photo inspiration, I'd share some kitchens that I found online. 

Hopefully if you've been stuck in a kitchen cabinet rut like I have been so many times, that you'll find your own kitchen cabinet inspiration.



I love the look of bi-color cabinets, I think it's a great way to incorporate two different style (maybe of light and dark, shades of neutral, or a punch of color).

I'm also always going to love a white kitchen. Simply because to change the style, you change the accessories. Everything matches white.

I adore the warmth and sophistication that dark cabinets bring.

Options are endless!

Hope you found some inspiration today :)


Courtenay@Creek Line House said...

Yay for kitchens! I'm dying to do the two tone look, but really, by the time I get around to actually painting, my tastes will probably change. Can't wait to live vicariously through your kitchen!

Liam Thomas said...

Wonderful information, always needed when you are looking some really nice kitchen cabinet designs, will definitely come in handy, thanks for sharing.

Lee Earhart said...

A lot of nice kitchen cabinet ideas you have here. I'm on board with the second-to-the-last picture; the lime color just gives the kitchen a cool feel to it.

Tiffany Ross said...

It's amazing how colors and textures in kitchen could create such a big impact on the overall appearance of it. It looks more lively and happy to cook and eat in.

walk-in closet said...

Oh my god! how much beautiful are these cabinets. The design has a very cool look. From all above kitchens i love that kitchen which has red colored cabinets and white color closets...Thanks great share by you admin!

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