Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flat Iron Curls

Flat iron curls are something that I've been doing for a couple years now. 

For me, it's easier than a curling iron, and faster.

That being said, recently I came across a great video tutorial on them over at 
(best hair blog ever!) 
and Kate's tutorial makes it even EASIER.

Let me give you a *bit* of hair history for my hair.

It's thick, and there's lots of it 
(I've had several hair stylists tell me I have hair for triplets)
I'm not a natural blonde *GASP!*
I color it myself, out of a box *DOUBLE GASP!*
My hair does better with styling the day after washing.
I use a cheap $20 flat iron, the kind that has 25 heat levels, and I use level hot!

Here is some flat iron curls done in smaller sections, with hairspray.
hairband from Ruffles 'n Such

Flat Iron curls with larger sections, and no hair spray 
(falls naturally after an hour to a more everyday look)

If you do it with a center part, it's very Emily Thorne...
(who doesn't watch & love Revenge? if you're not watching - start!)

So that's it. 

Give it a try. 
If you have long looks awesome too, but the curls don't usually start until about half way down the shaft of your hair. I did it for my best friend, and it turned out great!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The {Posh} Daisy GIVEAWAY!

Cerisse and I "met" a few months ago. Quite fatefully actually. We both kinda discovered each other's blogs/shops/fb pages at the same time with a mutual adoration for each others work!

So today we're collaborating on a 
double giveaway. 
I'm doing a giveaway on her blog, and she's doing one on mine!


The {Posh} Daisy is giving you a chance to...

Let's meet the minds behind The {Posh} Daisy!
Hi, we are Cerrisse and Dotti. We are mother and daughter and co-owners of the Posh Daisy were we create fun posh handmade accessoires. We live in Saint George Utah and love the rugged surroundings. Cerrisse married her best-friend and has a darling, busy, bundle of energy, son named Jaxon. Dotti married her high-school sweetheart and has five children and four grandchildren! She also moonlights for a non-profit housing developer when she isn’t creating new accessories. Cerrisse is a homemaker and is the driving force behind the Posh Daisy. Not only do we work together but spend a lot of time laughing! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Also, The {Posh} Daisy is offering a 25% off to you all with the coupon code "daisylove"

To make things easier on you all (and quicker) I've implemented using Rafflecopter for this giveaway.
*Giveaway open to all subscribers/followers of The Bird's Papaya*
Draw for a winner is done at random on Monday January 30th 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simple Simple Simple {an art tutorial}

I think I saw this idea on pinterest, and it's been floating in my head ever since.

It was so quick and easy, I was even able to do it with the kids AWAKE *gasp*. 
I know it.
Big deal right there.

You'll only need 3 things:
Craft Glue (aka school glue)
Acrylic Paint

This shouldn't cost you more than a couple bucks to do. 

This is my first one...I bought the canvases in a 2 pk, so we're calling this "practice round" and we'll see what I do next.

First up....sketch out a design with pencil.
Glue over the design with the craft glue.

Let it dry (big tip - don't skip this step...and yes, it will take a while)

Once glue is DRY and CLEAR you can paint over it!

Once the paint dries, you may need to do a 2nd coat as it's prone to crackling over the glue...unless you like the look, then leave it!

And that's it!!

Next time, I think I'll do design words...less chance for mistakes...
but, as they say, there are no mistakes in art.

Hope you'll take a few minutes and try this one out yourself!
Maybe some cute artwork for a kids room perhaps?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New in Shop for 2012!

I'm excited to say that I've finally updated my shop with new items for 2012. 
and I've restocked some favorites too ;)

Now, that being said, I still have another new line coming and some additional charms for The Charmed Necklace line. All excited stuff (at least for me).

I hope you'll take a second and check out what's new. 
Go here to see it all.

You all have been so supportive for my shop and I'm so thankful for you!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My best thrifting haul, ever! {and my best personal tips}

Thrifting is a finicky thing. 
You can go into the store, scour it from end to end and come out with nothing. 
It can be frustrating and exhausting, so why do it?
For days like today.

I figured this would be a good time of year to go thrift shopping, because after Christmas we all have the urge to purge. Organize life, donate the rest...blah blah blah.

I've also heard that Tuesdays & Wednesdays are the best days to go to a thrift store because people drop off items late in the weekend or on Mondays after doing a weekend purge-fest and the store prices them and sets them out mid-week.

So everything is lining up here for a great trip to the thrift store.

Let me show ya what I got.

(And no, there's no crazy awesome furniture that you'll see me refinish like many many other blogs...I'm going simple thrifting here)

Ruffles? check
Aqua? check
My size? check
Quality brand? check
LOVE them
Now, they were $10.99
*little* steep for a thrift store.
But they are ALDO shoes, which often run for at least $40 and these have clearly never been worn.
And honestly, how could I not?

Next up...
This was so beautiful and completely perfect for spring decorating, so for $2.99 I was SOLD

This next one could be the most ironic/meant-for-me/perfectness around.
It's a birdcage jewelry display.
I know what you're thinking...WHEN am I EVER going to use this?
It's not like a have a jewelry SHOP with the word BIRD in the title.
*ahem* it was $2.99

I love a good wreath hanger. I've looked at ones similar to this for usually around $10-12, this was $1.99!

Another ALDO item..this gorgeous purse for $9.99
(with the hearts that are removable but I'm not quite sure if they are cute or ugly...we're temporarily sticking with cute...thoughts?)
This bag showed NO signs of wear...BUT, I found a plane ticket stub to London, England and a receipt for something expensive inside.
It's like having a piece of something from someone with an exciting jetsetting life. haha.

So the grand total for this haul?
about $30

HOW happy am I?

very very very.

(all money was my birthday money too - stretching that stuff as far as I can!)

So, for my own personal (not expert) 
advice on thrifting:
  • like I mentioned, shop mid-week, mid-day if you can (that way staff has had time to display some items you may be scouting)
  • Look up HIGH and down LOW. I almost walked right past the bird jewelry display until I stopped, turned around and looked up. It was too tall to be at eye-level!
  • Remember spray paint fixes a lot. Find a great item but it's the wrong color? spray paint it. Works, often.
  • Be patient and pay attention. Don't rush through the store expecting the good stuff to catch your eye. It's not a retail store that has matching beautiful displays and catchy methods to get your attention. 
  • Go through the aisles twice. I almost always miss things on the first time through.
  • If you see an item, but you're not sure and think about coming back...forget about won't be there...and you'll regret it (and no, I'm not saying buy everything...but just don't lose out on a piece with this method).
  • Browse thrift stores enough just to know value of items. You CAN overpay for a thrift store item. Like a McDonalds happy meal toy for $3. Saw that today too.
  • Don't plan to go shopping in a regular retail store after thrifting. You'll have sticker shock at regular prices!
  • When shopping for tops, look in your own size, and a size up...sometimes there's a killer shirt that can easily look great with the magical work of a belt. Trust me. You also will get over the complex of going up a size when you see how big it fits on you pre-belt.
  • Put things in your cart even if you are just "thinking" about them. There are others shopping too...often with the same taste.
  • Go in with low expectations. Don't go looking for specifics or with a price in mind. Be open-minded and enjoy yourself. Otherwise, it's NO fun.

Hope you enjoyed my haul for today, and these little tips too.
Don't be afraid to thrift. It's super fun, and really rewarding!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I love you a bushel and a peck {Saltbox House Sign Giveaway}

*giveaway closed*
winner #17 - Kristin Whittaker!

Back in the fall when I introduced you guys to Saltbox House, you all went nuts entering and the post brought lots of new "pins" to this great shop. 

I can't say enough about Saltbox House and the shop owner Jackie, who keeps her handpainted signs at ridiculously low prices without compromising their beauty.

I dare you to find a better priced sign shop of this quality!

Today, Jackie of Saltbox House is going to giveaway one of her most popular signs: 
I Love You a Bushel and a Peck Wooden Sign Wall Hanging

Comes in all different colors...
I Love You a Bushel and a Peck Wooden Sign Wall Hanging BLUE for boys room

I Love You a Bushel and a Peck Wooden Sign Wall Hanging PINK for girls room

Here's how you can enter to win...

*Must be a follower/subscriber of The Birds Papaya*
*open to US & Canada*

Visit Saltbox House and come back telling me your favorite sign - one entry

"Like" Saltbox House's Facebook Page - one entry
"Heart" Salbox House Etsy Shop - one entry
"Pin" something from Saltbox House shop into your Pinterest one entry
(pin buttons are now on all etsy listings)


Winner will be drawn at random by next Monday night (Jan 23 2012)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A 2011 Lookback...

I'm back! 
Officially rested & refreshed from a 3 week break from the world of blogging, I'm feeling re-inspired and recharged (lots of "re's" going on here...) and I'm excited for 2012.

I feel like we're constantly either stuck in the past or stuck driving forward
I tend to do the drive forward thing and I have an incredibly awful memory, so taking a pause to look back is healthy and rewarding. 
Nothing to be sad about, lots to be thankful for. 

So here we go!

In craft/decor's some of my personal faves from 2011:

There's the Scrabble Tile Pillow...
That reverses to a Diet Coke pillow...
It was my first time doing freezer paper stenciling and I just LOVED it.

We updated our Master Bedroom:

DIY Hurricanes (Which I still use in our house all the time!)

I shared my parent's Family Wall

I made a Beach sign using scrap wood found in the garage:

I put up some wall shutters (I still get giddy over them):

Tutorial for some fabric coasters (also something we still use all the time!):

(we write all sorts of stuff on it...we got further than "chalkboard" haha)

I did what I once thought was unthinkable and added roosters to my kitchen 
(and LOVE THEM!)

Turned an antique garage sale mirror into a chic chalkboard!

I tried vinyl for the first time as a reverse type stencil on this birch-look Christmas sign
It turned out great!

Some recipes from 2011...

Sugar Cookies (our most used recipe in our home)

On the Family Front...2011 was so much fun!!

Maya turned 5 and we reflected on the village that helped raise her...

We went to DISNEY WORLD (and I still talk about it at least once a day)

I also opened up my SHOP this year. 
Something that I completely love doing and evolving.

It's been a GOOD year. 
I try not to forget how GOOD life is. 
How GOOD God is.

Here we go 2012!
Thank you to all of you who continue to stick around and be a part of The Bird's Papaya, it means more to me than you'll ever know :)


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