Monday, April 30, 2012

Snapshots of Home {Eat-In Kitchen}

Here we are at the second installment of 
Snapshots of Home.

Last time, I showed you our 

Today it's all about the 
eat-in kitchen.

We had a formal dining room, but it was transformed into a playroom/office. 
Tis life!

So this room, I ADORE. 
Its one of the places in the house I consider finished.

But really, all credit goes to that table.

My parents bought it as a desk for my Mom. It was $25 from a restaurant closing out and selling off their stuff. They painted it white and then a while later discovered it was too big for the space (as a desk). 
It got handed down to MOI! 
I am eternally thankful.

The black shelves (IKEA LACK), although I don't love them (because they are a pain to hang, and always droop and need fixing) but they are nice and practical.
The baskets (from Canadian Tire, $4 each) serve each their own purpose as a catch-all.
Whether its treats, chips, coloring or craft supplies...its all up there, and more importantly, out of kiddies reach!

These are my latest additions.
The plates were a gift from my bestie who knew they'd be perfect for the space.
The wire wall folder holder was from Winners for only $14.99.
We've been using them for school books and paper that needs to hang around.

This is a printable I got from Wonder Forest

This has actually moved since I took these photos...
its new from Winners and is painted wood for a measly $25.

Nobody puts baby in the corner.
Unless he mucks his hands on everybody possible within arms reach.
Then he gets put in the corner.

The EAT letters were $2 on clearance at Superstore.

One reader (*ahem* Courtenay) asked for more details following my Living Room post.

First up, these little beauties.

(Doilies are from Michaels)

The entertainment unit is actually a really cheap-o laminate wood from Superstore that I kinda hate, but it works and tries to look its best!
It was $60 and I switched some of the side shelves out for baskets, found at Canadian Tire.

This shelf that many of you have written to say you love, was a gift from my parents. They got it at an end of season sale at a garden center. I believe somewhere around $15. I ADORE it. It came in the gorgeous grey too. 

My parents, painted theirs white to match their space:

Thats all!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Snapshots of Home {Livingroom}

It's dawned on me that I don't often share full room photos of our home.

Our home, our space.
We live in it. A lot.
So...usually it's not photo worthy.

So after some gentle tidying, 
I snapped some photos for what I hope to be a new series called 
Snapshots of Home

Here's some of our most-lived space, the livingroom/family room.

I would love a great area rug here, just haven't found one that suits the budget or decor, yet.

Next up?
I dunno, kitchen...perhaps?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doily Bunting

When I came across these doilies in the $1.50 bins at Michael's Craft Store
I picked up a few to use decoratively around the house.

But then Spring hit, and Michaels started getting brighter, funner colors in.

I knew I had to work these into my girls' bedroom somehow.

So I decided to pick 4 up in co-ordinating colors to their bedroom, and make a 
Doily Bunting.

Besides the doilies, all you'll need is some double fold bias tape
I got a 3 yard package and used it all.

After cutting the doilies in half, I placed them in the fold of the bias tape (you could pin at this point, but I went fast and just tucked them in as I sewed along)
Make sure you leave a 8" tail on either end for hanging.

With 4 doilies, making 8 halves, it filled the bunting's length up perfectly.
You could, of course, make yours smaller.

The Result:

This entire project cost around $8 and took about 15 mins from beginning to end.

Now THAT is a winner in my books ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Felt Flowers {Tutorials}

After many of you asked for more fabric flower tutorials after the THIS one, 
I thought I'd share with you some methods I've used in the past for 
crafts & hair accessories.
They may be similar to other tutorials out there, I'm not sure, but these are ones I used after studying some pretty felt flowers I've seen online.

All you'll need for these is felt, scissors and a hot glue gun.

Rolled Felt Rosette Tutorial (3D version)
  1. Cut out a circle in your felt.
  2. Cut out a spiral 
  3. Starting from the tail end (outer spiral) begin rolling and gluing
  4. The front should look like this
  5. The center of the spiral will work as your backing. Trimming may be necessary to round it out.
  6. Done!

 Birthday Bow Felt Flower Tutorial

  1. Cut a long strip of fabric (the longer the strip the larger the flower)
  2. Fold it in half
  3. Secure with glue on the edges of the strip only, leaving an open "loop" down the strip.
  4. Cut out every 1/2" (more or less) down the strip's loop side
  5. Roll & secure with glue
  6. Done!

In the photo above you see two other types of flowers.
The black one is a simple strip of felt, rolled & glued.

The Dark Pink Spikey flower is done with the SAME METHOD as the Birthday Bow Felt Flower Tutorial shown above, but instead of leaving a loop in the folded fabric, cut it before rolling & gluing.

That's it!
they are so much easier than they appear.
I hope maybe you'll go over here and find some great inspiration on how to use these in projects on wreaths!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

We were fortunate enough to be able to travel "home" this 
year and spend Easter weekend with family & friends.

The weekend was FULL but FUN.

We mourned Jesus' death, and celebrated how LOVE conquered His grave.

We ate delish food.
We had egg hunts.
We got dressed up.

I took pictures.

Miss Maya
(p.s. If you're sad about Picnik and the loss of effects like Cross Processing, as I used here, then check out it's pretty much the same!)


My little poser Jemma

Our beautiful children.

My cup runneth over.


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