Monday, June 25, 2012

Sorry for the crickets...

Boy, it's been quiet around here.

I've missed this
I've missed you all!

Let me give you a brief catch-up...

First up, 
we're moving! 
We got word about 2 months ago that we would be relocating back to our home-town. HUGE answer to prayer, and opportunity for us to be back around friends & family.

But, of course, it's bitter-sweet.

I feel like our home in finally in a place that I love and am content with...I'm not loving walking away from it when it's "just right".

But a blank canvas (aka, our new home) will be great to exert some creative energy.

Right as we put our house for sale, we also went on a family vacation to go visit & stay with friends in Orlando, and of course...visit other "friends" there as well :)

So what's next?
good question.

I expect now with our house sold, and vacays and school being over...I'll have the opportunity to settle into a balance this summer. 
At least I sure hope so.

Either way, I'm "back" with all intents & purposes for the next while :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Butter on Mirrors, Staging a Home, Cleaning with Norwex...

So truth be told (and I'm sure this is a truth for MANY)...
I despise cleaning
My mom would tell me not to use the word 'hate' but it would also be an appropriate word for how I feel about cleaning.

Now, as time has gone on, and being married for 8 years, sharing space and raising 3 kids, I've come to embrace it the best I can. 
That's not to say that I'm not constantly looking for an easier way out of things though. I feel like I'm always looking for a new cleaning or contraption to try out.

So needless to say, when my neighbour's best friend, Laura asked me if I wanted to try out some Norwex products, I jumped at the chance. 
Heck, I'll try anything. 

So Laura came over and I expected spray bottles and pastes, instead she walked in with cloths. I was perplexed, and she explained to me all about Norwex, and more importantly, these magical little antibacterial microfibre cloths. 
I've used microfibre before (or so I thought) and wasn't really sure where she was going with all this.

Until she asked for some butter....


Butter? yes, butter. 
More specifically, butter to rub onto my bathroom mirror to show me how I could clean it off the mirror with a Norwex eco-cloth and no cleaner. 


She did it. It worked. She cleaned it all with the enviro cloth and finished with a window/glass cloth. 
I don't think I've seen the mirror so streak-free.

She gave me the cloths and told me to use them and see if I was convinced.

I decided to go to a huge source of frustration...our TV.
I used the Antibac Enviro Cloth and the Window Cloth 
(also known as the Basic Package).
Simply wetted the enviro cloth, wiped down the TV, and finished with a dry window cloth.

This was a perfect timing to try out these products! 
Incidentally, we are currently in the middle of staging our home to sell, so yes...these would come in handy.

Dusting with the Dusting Mitt (oh my gosh this thing is fun)

After all the small tasks to test the Norwex products and their skills, I went to tackle a big one. 
Our Master Bathroom. 
I did the entire bathroom with the Enviro & Window cloths. 

Straight up, NO cleaners.

After, slightly giddy about the cleaning, I was talking with my friend Kristin (who is also staging a home to sell) and I told her I'd been using the Norwex cloths to clean and she said she did too!
Not only that, but she's been using the same cloths for YEARS.
She also wanted me to tell you all that the Dryer Balls have been her best investment! 

So, I did some math and realized that the amount of window/all-purpose/wipe cleaners I was using in one year came to about the same as getting a few of these Norwex products, that last for YEARS.

My little Norwex cloths are earning their keep.

Norwex does have a huge line of products, beyond the cloths.
I seriously recommend checking them out!
I've also been using the Body cloths DAILY for makeup removing & exfoliating. 
They are so crazy soft. 
Love them.

Laura has a great site HERE and if you are interested in placing an order,
 simply email her and mention this post for 10% off :) 

Happy (clean) trails my friends!


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