Monday, August 6, 2012

My limbo life in phone photos

So we are two weeks away from the big move.

Never again!

How to families do this? I'm exhausted.

So of course blogging has taken a hot but I thought I'd share some phone photos of recent days in our home. Chaos and all.

Bo chilling out in the hammock at the Cottage.

The girls sideline at Daddy's softball game.

Jordan & I celebrated 8 years of marriage (today!) but we went out for dinner last night :)

I made these pretties for the shop!

Jemma being "all fashion" (her words, not mine!)

The girls worked hard to decorate for Daddy's 30th Birthday.

Jemma and I in the car (yes, I'm in the back...)

O, Canada...

My little monkey.

That's all for now, sorry I don't have much more to post about, but I definitely will very soon once we are settled in the new house! 
Exciting, exhausting times!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wear Your Heart - New In Shop

Okay, so we are super close to moving time. 
It's crazy, and exciting and I can't wait to get my hands onto new space!

In the meantime, while I can't do much decorating, and DIY projects as per usual, 
I CAN however update my shop with some newbies.

Enter, Wear Your Heart earrings. 

I love these! they're on a nearly 2" long kidney hoop so they dangle nicely! 

$5 each!

find em here


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