Sarah Nicole is a badass mama of 3

who likes to hype herself up in bios while talking in the third person.5 years ago she embarked on a journey to get out of life's ruts and better her life. She lost 100lbs and went through massive life change with a divorce pushing her into new chapter of single motherhood. But like, a badass chapter. Since then, she met this bearded guy and he drank her poison and asked her to marry him. So she locked that down quickly and now they rock the whole chosen family thing! After struggling to find love for her body after losing all that weight, she worked through a lot of inner dialogues to discover the value and meaning behind self-love - and well, she thinks it's worth sharing about. By using social media as her journal, she loves helping others see and understand their worth, love their bodies, feel less alone in the world, and be ok with life's little shakeups.